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Designers > Assaf Israel & Elhanan Layosh

Registered Patent

While sitting under a common parasol, one may feel secluded from the environment. Instead of ignoring the sky up above, this product collaborates it and create a different space experience. The future of our natural environment lays in our ability to achieve harmony with our surroundings, while respecting nature’s resources - the purpose of the Skycycle parasol is to do just that.

A light sensor, located on the top of Skycycle surfaces, can feel the changes in sunlight intensity. Then, using solar energy, the semi-transparent surfaces can spin slowly and almost invisibly, according to the information gatherd by the sensor - when the light is weak, the surfaces open to let light in, and when sunlight gets more intense they spin around to create shade accordingly.






LED lights, powered by solar energy, are located underneath the upper surface. After sunset the lower surface spins gently and gradually reveales the lights, according to the darkness level. The space underneath gets illuminated in a slow process, without even noticing it.

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