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Designer > Assaf Israel


Production: made in Italy, by request only
Materials: wood, metal, ropes
Photos by: Timor Britva, Francesco Bolis

The dynamic world of travel, which holds changes and discoveries, spiced with much curiosity, was the inspiration for a project contemplating the borders between transience and permanence.

One can easily transfer, assemble, change, disassemble and rebuild it in a matter of minutes. It's simple and effective construction makes it easy to pack and easy to carry, ensuring Tipi has a long lifecycle with you no matter where you go.

Price: 1,490 Euro

The price does not iclude delivery costs.

Tipi system consists of:
   3 shelves, 2 bases, 1 hanging rod, 1 drawer.

Joynout reserves the right to change the price as         it sees fit and at any time.

Clients tell about Tipi:

"Has I moved in my new sweet flat, for my new life I was looking for a new desk That would really be "mine", something different, Easy, pretty, functional... some would say: difficult to find!... So I started a real search on Google and luckily found the Tipi shelves. I am French living in France, but with some help of the universe, I got in touch with Assaf, the designer of the great Tipi shelves. He Is the perfect reflect of his creation, just à wonderful person who helped me shift the desk with ease, joy and success to my house, here in Aix en Provence. Every day is a new creation, So many possibilities with the Tipi, so Much fun, so useful, I just love it! My artistic Spirit Is grateful.

Thank you, Assaf, for your great imagination and your precious help... keep on going, having fun and creating more and more"  

Sandrine Gallant / France

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