Cecilia Vitas Design website

In this work I redesigned Cecilia Vitas Design website in terms of Ux and Ui.

The main problems of the original website: wrong proportions of the grid,

excessive and uninviting small images, lack of hierarchy, lack of branding, not appealing, overcrowding of categories, the information architecture is confusing.

not compatible with the mental model commonly used today - horizontal and outdated scrolling. 

Here is the original website:

Here is the upgraded website:

I re-orgenized the product's page 

The arrangement of the page was incorrect - instead of short text at the top, the text was pushed down to the bottom of the page, and was sometimes too long. The horizontal scrolling form of the images is not intuitive and very confusing while adversely surprising.


Here is the original product's page:

Here is the new product's page: