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The Daydream is not just another bench, nor a seat nor a chaise lounge - it's a perception. I want users to be able to feel the sensation that our product provides - that for several minutes they are able to connect to themselves and to other users. I want them to fully enjoy that innovative way of lounging, gaining a new perspective on the meaning of 'living in the moment" .

Assaf Israel - Joynout's founder.


Designer > Assaf Israel

by hand in Italy and by request only.
wood, metal, foam, Kvadrat textiles.
Photos by: Francesco Bolis
Music by: Noam Ben Shabat


The importance of daydreaming has already been proven in studies. It comes to remind us that every good thing needs its own time. When we are not obsessed by challenges, our brains make cognitive leaps. After thinking about this for some time I had a vision of a fragile-looking object, with a strong feel of hovering. The Daydream is designed for mental and physical relaxation. It is an object that allows us to break away from the hectic reality and remind ourselves how important it is to enjoy the moment 

Price: 2,950 Euro

The price does not iclude delivery costs.

Daydream consists of:

   2 wooden boards upholstered with Kvadrat fabrics.

Joynout reserves the right to change the price as         it sees fit and at any time.

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